Life: A day Giving Back @ King Middle School

About a week ago I was able to take part in something i find to be very special to me. As a product of LAUSD i know what many public school kids go through with schools and the lack of resources. i know our school systems try their best and in no way reflects the hard working teachers and the rest of the faculty. Funding is hard to come by but is it the students fault? I believe they deserve every opportunity to learn more and see what the world has to offer. With that being said, let us continue.

I was presented with a chance to represent Nickelodeon and take part of donating equipment to schools in need. The school that was chosen was King Middle School. If any of you know me, know my heart belongs to Irving MS and Eagle Rock HS so i had some biassed opinions but this is for the children, maybe next year we can visit one of my schools. This idea was brought up by Carson Smith. Carson does so much with local schools and really genuinely cares about the future of them. Carson worked with our Inventory Coordinator, Omar Haro, to see if we could donate some equipment to King MS. After a week or so of emails going back and forth, 10 Cintiq’s (If you don’t know what it is click here-> Cintiq) were marked for donation. Cintiqs are used by artists to draw onto a screen without needing to scan individual drawings into the computer. Next part of the puzzle was to find an artist.  Carson then added Miguel Puga, an artist who works on Nickelodeon’s newest show The Loud House. Miguel is also a product of LAUSD. He attended Garfield HS. Shortly after i was added to help support and show the kids the different roles available at Nick.

With the crew selected, we were all ready to head out and present the school with the Cintiqs. Upon arriving we were greeted by Media Arts teacher Kirk Palayan. Let me just say, he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He cared so much and was so appreciative about our donation. It really put a smile on my face to know we were helping out.

After a couple minutes of setting up it was show time for Carson and Miguel. Carson was able to talk about the different opportunities at Nick and all the different paths you can take to have a career with Nickelodeon. Miguel then spoke on the education needed to become an artist and countless hours of just doodling till it becomes second nature.

Overall the kids had a blast. Some of the braver ones got up and decided to put their skills to the test in front of their class. The room felt great and everyone seemed to be learning a lot. The students were able to ask all the questions they wanted regarding programs and getting on the right career path.

At the end of the day i couldn’t be happier. I got to help with a School District i was part of. Its nice to show kids that anyone can work in this industry no matter where they come from. I can not wait to do this again and i hope its one of my alma maters.

Anyways.. on to the photos!


Getting ready.


Lets give the kids a chance.



Miguel Giving a future artist some pointers


center stage.



Carson showing us his old stomping grounds


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