My Fairlady …Z

There isn’t much more I love in this world other than cars. Can’t explain it. I just need to work on them. Over the years I’ve owned my fair share of cars and just about every single one of them I’ve modified somehow. From simple audio setups to full on motor swaps and everything in between I’ve always tried my hand in it.

From previous posts you’ve probably seen my father’s car. It’s his pride and joy. Well I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now … Yup. I have my own little project car. It’s not a big American muscle car but it’s definitely an old school classic.

Introducing my 74 260z. My new love. My canvas for me to paint my master piece. Yes yes I know… A little much…right? No. This thing is a legend. Do some reading. Google is your friend. You’ll see how you can modify this car to fit all types of racing applications. Let’s move on.

So knowing that I can’t help myself and need to do something to it I decided to basically restore the car keeping it original as much as I can. With this new venture you’ll see me struggle as I pretend to know what I’m talking about.

And as always it’s enough talking and time for some photos… Enjoy.


The first time we met. 


This was the last time the car was complete…


What to do with you… what to do indeed.


Dash out and in need of repair. DIY repair for another post.


90% of the interior is out. 


another view


Everything is coming off. EVERYTHING


The car is pretty darn clean for being 42 years old!


Solo the cholo. My little helper. 


Moved the cars around. Staring removing stuff in the bay. 


Nice and clean. Engine removal soon… for another post 🙂


Not the best little helper. 


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