Road Trip: Beer in SD

Every year at least twice a year I like to take a road trip down the 5 to visit some of my favorite places in the world. Local Craft Breweries near San Diego.

On this trip not only did I get to indulge in some tasty beverages but I got to meet some of Sam’s college buddies.

This was one of the shorter trips due to it being somewhat last minute and spur of the moment kind of thing. We ended up going to two of my favorite places, Ballast Point and Stone. There was also a new spot I was introduced to that is absolutely going to be part of my regular stops down there, Liberty Public Market. If you know then you know why it a must. If you don’t know it take a sec and do yourself a favor

I goofed on this trip. I was so immersed in the environment and, (I’m not going to lie) I was a little buzzed that I forgot to get into paparazzi mode. So theres a severe lack of photos. Just trust me when I say its a MUST.  There was tons of good food and drink everywhere i turned. Granted it was a little smaller than I had hoped but I was instantly in love.



First stop. Ballast Point


always try a flight.


Watermelon. So freaking good.


Got to love that face 🙂


Theres the smile.


Liberty Public Market… dude.


so fresh. Check out the video at the end.


Freshly grated horseradish


im hungry all over again.


i dont like sweets but a stout float is legit.


mandatory get out of bed before house keeping comes and go get food selfie pic


carb up. Now were at Stone Brewery.


something about this pretzel. great starter after a night of drinking


THE BEST DISH EVER. Shrimp and Grits from Stone.


somesort of pasta that was stuck in the shadows of the Shrimp and Grits.


Getting our to-go beers.


always a must.


And heres the video.. LIVE Sea Urchin!


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