Style: Prepping for the Big Day (Part 1)

As many of you guys may not know, I’m getting married in July. Like many wedding before mine and many many more after it requires a certain level of preparation. While others are waking up early on a Saturday to start a day of errands my Pops and I decided to do a little wedding prep of our own.

When I first broke the news that I would soon be joining the exclusive club of married men I made a simple but very important request for my dad. Not only will his eldest son be married but it was to be on my birthday! Yes, I will be tying the knot on my birthday… my 30th to be exact. With that being said my request was to drive one of my dream cars. To be completely honest its also my dads dream car. Its been something Ive admired and watch come to lifeĀ as the years passed. Its been over 20 years in the making!

The car I speak of (if the featured image wasn’t a dead give away) is none other than a 1966 Ford GT Mustang Fastback. Yup, its a thing of beauty I tell you. Ive seen it in rough shape but over the years the result is what you see below. The car is about 90% complete. It runs and looks great. The only issue was my dad wanted a modern motor to make it a more enjoyable experience. Not that theres anything wrong with the current motor he just wanted something to worry about less.

Back to the story… so with my request it kicked off a series of phone calls and to do lists. This is the beginning of what we hope to be our mode of transportationĀ on one of the greatest days of in my life.

First things first. We needed to get it to our buddy Cecil’s place. This dude is no joke. Check the video of his mustang down below. All built with his own two hand in his garage. From body and paint to fully hand built motor. Guy even fabricates his own accessories if he cant find what he needs.

Here are the photos from that day… More to follow soon. Enjoy!


Getting ready for a trip down the HWY


Quick mending. Don’t worry. Its ALL getting replaced


we get by with a little help from our friends.


My Pops feeling young on the open road.


3 different stages of restoration.


i know the fog light is crooked.


my new best friend.


just another shot.


Cool discovery. Currently closed but I was told this use to be a watering whole for pilots back in the day from Edwards AFB.


Pretty sure this doesn’t need any explanation.


Engine Run Stand. Got to love it.

Heres the video of Cecil’s Mustang Coupe. The noise this thing made was awesome. Cell phone video does not do it justice.


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