City: Visiting Endeavour at the California Science Center

Yet another adventure was completed today. The original plan was to go visit LACMA and check out the Kubrick Exhibit but the CicLaVia made that a little hard to get to. So plans change.

Heading towards home on the 10 I remembered that I havent seen the Endeavour since it flew over back in October. Quickly the day started to turn around for me.

Upon arriving to the center childhood memories came flooding back. I was simply amazed all over again. Seeing life-size fighter jets and being able to interact with different experiments was just wonderful. I felt like a kid again, only this time I could go and do anything I wanted. No parents to hold me back. It was great. After an hour or so of running around  nearly forgot why I was  there.

Back on track I headed towards the Endeavour. When I finally got to the hall containing the shuttle it was a sight to see. There isn’t much more I can say about it so as always… on to the photos!!!!

IMG_6101 USE IMG_6103 USE IMG_6110 USE IMG_6193Use IMG_6199USE IMG_6196Use IMG_6170USE IMG_6131USE IMG_6140USE IMG_6150 USE IMG_6146use IMG_6154Use IMG_6158 USE IMG_6159USE IMG_6163Use


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