City: Old LA Zoo

So today was interesting. Heading home from an afternoon spent at a 4 year olds birthday party I decided to take the scenic route. Driving through Burbank I ended up in Griffith Park. Passing the Zoo and the golf course I came to a stop and at the corner of my eye I saw a sign for a picnic area. What was interesting to me was that it was for the Old LA Zoo. Right away I hoped my camera was with me. Sure enough in the back seat it was there.

Soon after parking I found myself going on a quick hike. Now I say the next part of my story with complete seriousness… but Griffith Park is huge. For someone who considers themselves a well-traveled Angeleno I was shocked. I nearly forgot why I ended up there before I started heading towards the Old Zoo. I will return and explore the hikes into further detail but today I wanted to explore the Old LA Zoo.

If you’ve never been I recommend you go and soon. This place for the most part transports you to a different time. it gives you insight as to how things were. It’s a very small area. According to a quick search this Zoo started off with only 15 animals. Some of the exhibits still stand but local hooligans have taken time out of their busy schedules to decorate. You’ll see soon enough. Enough with the talking, as always, on to the pictures!!

IMG_5999 Use

IMG_6000 dried up creek

IMG_6006 USE

IMG_6004 USE



IMG_6035 USE















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