Food: The Oinkster – Burger Week 2013

Its been three years now since a local burger joint started an annual tradition of putting their own spin on some familiar burgers. I’m talking about Burger Week at the Oinkster located in Eagle Rock. Everyday for a week they put together a different burger for you to enjoy. Theres more though… if you are one of the die-hard fans or just a fellow lover of good food and have tried all 7 of the burgers you are crowned the Burger Lord and given a limited release T-Shirt. Oh yes, i did this myself. For seven days straight i had each of their unique twists of burgers from different fast food chains and popular food trucks. With every burger ordered you received a wristband and a button to show proof of the purchase. Once the 7th day has arrived the cashier cuts the bands, hands you a sticker and t-shirt congratulating you on your hard-earned accomplishment. i must say, it’s a great freaking feeling. Enough with the reading time for some pictures. Enjoy

You can visit their site ( Oinkster.Com) and see what other good eats they have.

( do the pastrami )

Wristbands finally cut off with my sticker as a prize. See the shirt Below


Buttons! One Per burger.


Monday: Wendy’s Baconator  (Oinkonator)


Tuesday: Bob’s Big Boy  (Nino Grande)


Wednesday: BURGERLORD of The Rings


Thursday: Grill ‘Em All Weed Eater


Friday: Lumpia Burger  (Thrilla From Manila)


Saturday: Bell Beefer  (Doritos Bell Beefer)


Sunday: McDonald’s McRib  (McRibster)


and of course the shirt I worked hard to get.






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